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Hard Surface Cleaning


We have all seen the shine and brilliance of a properly cared for floor. This alone can give your office the image you want to project. Our equipment is specifically suited for use by building service contractors, retail and grocery stores, healthcare and educational facilities. Our services offer powerful performance and maximum productivity to create the best- looking floors. They will shine!

In the OFFICE, a floor reveals the professionalism that can be expected from people who desire to use your services. We have a full line of machine products, floor coatings, brushes and detergents to help your facility meet the highest cleanliness and safety standards. 

Hard Surface CleaningRicSan Cleaning Service provides complete floor stripping, floor refinishing, floor sealing, and floor waxing. We strip, buff, seal, wax, and refinish vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, marble, granite, and other stone floors.

Vinyl, linoleum, wood, or stone floors can be extremely durable and long-lasting if you maintain them properly to preserve their resilience and brilliance. RicSan Cleaning Service strips, refinishes and seals all types of floor surfaces so that they maintain their new appearance. Floors can develop wax buildup from regular waxing, and may discolor over time. Furthermore, foot traffic and environmental factors continuously bring pollutants into contact with this coating, attracting dirt and dust that embeds into the wax and may not come off with mopping alone. To solve this problem and get your floors back to their original appearance, RicSan stripping professionals will remove the old layers of wax and sealer, reseal using a high quality sealer, and professional buff the floor to a brilliant shine.

By regularly caring for your floors using our services, you will greatly increase their appearance to customers and employees, and will often decrease the time and costs of regular cleaning, translating into reduced long-term costs for your office cleaning.

Hard Surface CleaningRicSan Building Maintenance

Hard Floor Care

How are your floors looking?

At RicSan, we take pride in giving you the best quality floor services and maintenance programs in the industry today. Let RicSan provide your business with top notch service using Christian values and detailed work ethics. We're here to serve you. Our motto is, "we don't cut corners, we clean them."

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